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Addresse in Kolumbien: Green Age Colombia S.A.S Calle 53 Norte Nr. 9AN -04 Cali - Colombia +57-316-875-2406 WhatsApp

About Us

Green Age is based in Colombia. We design and produce natural Jewelry and Accessories. Each piece is unique as it is individually handmade and is a vibrant mix of striking colors and a fresh combination of shapes from natural materials. The style of every single piece is perfectly fitted to the latest fashion trends and you will also enjoy wearing it from season to season.





High-quality, environmentally friendly jewelry promoting social advancement of women Green Age  supports socially and economically underprivileged women in Cali, Colombia and meets all the Fair Trade Principles and Guidelines.

Green Age  reflects the love of Nature and her commitment to keep it safe for future generation: Eco-friendly production using only environmentally friendly materials. Green Age  promotes conservation as the main ingredient comes from the fruit of a palm tree that is a substitute for Ivory made from elephant tusks.

Behind the label

In 2004 Green Age founder Ana Maria F. von Greiff decided to realize her dream:


Create beautiful pieces of Jewelry and Accessories using only natural and environmental friendly materials from South America.


Her aim is also to offer employment and support the social advancement of artisan women in Colombia, her home country. Green Age also supports ecological and conservation projects in the area.

Ana Maria lived in Europe where she worked in the fashion industry and finished her ecology studies. After more than 12 years of living in the UK and Germany, Ana Maria went back to Colombia to create her own Label and Company: Green Age . She traveled all over the country searching for special and unique natural materials, organized a Workshop in Cali, offer training and employment to women who head of household with above average salaries and working conditions.