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Green Age  uses only the finest natural materials, mainly palms seeds and fibers.

The main component in all collections is the Tagua Nut, also known as vegetable Ivory. This nut is actually the seed of the Phythelephas Macrocarpa palm that grows near the Colombian Pacific coast.   Its creamy color, density and hardness make the Tagua Nut an eco-friendly substitute for actual ivory and is one of the few materials that becomes more beautiful with age.

Each nut needs to be dried for up to five years, it is then sanded, cut, dyed, and polished to produce the final design. We only use natural and environmentally friendly pigments for dying the Tagua nut.

The palm trees are not harmed as the seeds are gathered from the  floor and the commercialization of these seeds helps to ensure the conservations of the Colombian forests. The Tagua nut is an important economic means for many families in rural and economically marginalized areas.

Açaí seeds come from the 45 to 90 hight Açaí palm, Euterpe Oleracea that grows in South America. Small dark purple berries grow in dense clusters on the palm, and each contains a single hard seed about 0.25–0.4 inches in diameter.

 The Açaí  seeds are white under the peel , and can be dyed with pigment in order to create beautiful  jewelry!


Totumo is a large and spherical fruit  from the Calabash Tree, Crescentia Cujete, that grow throughout Colombia. The fruits develop a green woody shell, used to manufacture Jewelry. After the fruits have been harvested, the shell is cut, dried, died and finally polished.  it is also commonly used to create kitchenware and musical instruments.


Iraca .the Iraca Palm Carludovica Palmata ciclantea is a tropical plant grown in Colombia.  Have strong and fanned leaves that reach a length of 90 centimeters.

Its soft, flexible, and durable fibers are dyed with natural and lively pigments and the wowen to form beautiful  shapes used in our Jewelry.




our print materials are made with recyclable paper.